About me.

Now you naturally want to know, who is behind this webshop?!

Let me introduce myself:

I am Demelza, 39 years old and from Rotterdam. Indeed the no-nonsense attitude. Married with an 8 year old son. Very creative and never do things inside the box. In addition to the webshop, I work part-time as a customer service employee. If I have to choose between going out or spending an evening on the couch watching a series, I often choose an evening on the couch. A Labradorite can only withstand so much in a day and I like to end the evening like this. #highsensitive

I sometimes bought jewelry, but didn’t wear it much. It was never really to my liking. So I started making them myself, because why not? I kept getting asked if I could also make them for others and eventually the webshop was created. Fun fact: my son sent lucky. “little happiness shop” to be precise.

I came into contact with gemstones once in my twenties, but was not really aware of it. It was on a vacation and my boyfriend (now husband) bought me a rose quartz pendant.

There’s nothing fancy about my workplace. At the dining table or on the couch. It is a hobby that you can actually do anywhere. Just carrying everything along is usually a challenge. My inspiration comes from everything I see. Which sometimes means I pull an all-nighter because those ideas come out.

Gemstones are very popular at the moment and because of this there are many fakes in circulation. This makes it increasingly difficult to recognize them. So I’m always very cautious about what items appear online. I’m always looking for good deals, so I can give you good deals. Because everyone, despite their wallet, should be able to enjoy these beautiful gemstones. If you are looking for something for a specific complaint, I will help you with that. If I don’t have it, I will look for it for you. Remember when I do customer service? I also do that in heart and soul. So then that box that I’m not in is very useful for solving things ;-).

There are of course several web shops, stores and even private individuals that sell gemstones, so Demelza, why should I buy from you?!
Good question! First of all, with me you don’t HAVE to do anything.
Secondly, I am not a wholesaler, I am not looking for tons of money. I’m honest and I do it on my own. So I select the stones, make the jewelry, take a photo of it, put it online, come up with a nice text, process your order and post it. This is precisely why your order will be processed with all the care and attention. And yes, I really do a happy dance when I see that I have an order. I am a safe haven, if you want to discuss something, stay with me. If you’re looking for something, I’ll help you find it. And if I don’t know, I’ll tell you honestly and look for the answer for you. I started with jewelry because I get a lot of pleasure from it and I like to pass that pleasure on to you, my customer. We all have our crosses, so yes, I’m that weirdo who smiles at you on the street and says good morning. Maybe I’m the only smile you see that day and I got plenty to share!

Remember, I’m not a doctor or therapist, but I will certainly do my best to help. If you have serious complaints, don’t be afraid to seek the right help. Gemstones have beautiful properties and can support you here and there, but they will not heal you. So together we will look at which stones can best support you during your challenges.

I also don’t make any promises, for example if you have a burn out or depression and are looking for support, there are certainly stones for that. But you will have to do the work yourself. Therapy, possibly medication and hard work. The mind is a tricky thing and many people say it works because you believe in it. How this usually works with faith. But that’s a discussion in itself. Oh well, otherwise you can always throw stones at people, then they work too. #darkhumor

Giveaways and story sales sometimes pop up on my Socials, so keep an eye on these. You can also see the stuff ‘live’ there, by means of videos and it will be announced when I am at a market! Because that’s what I really enjoy doing, meeting you in real life, but also showing off my stuff of course. Because photos never show what an item is like in real life!
Because I had long Covid, the market is a no go for a while, but that will definitely come again! That’s the only promise I make. 😉

So take a look around, fill your basket and don’t forget to check whether there is a discount code available. But there are always nice items in the sale.

If you have any questions, just send me a message!

Happy shopping.

With warm smile,